Dell No Longer Manufacturing Android Tablets

Dell has finally decided to shift its attention from the manufacture of Android tablets. Dell, which is one of the global names in the manufacture of computers of all kinds and related accessories has apparently decided that it will also not invest in the upgrade of the existing line of the Android tablets. The company however will continue providing some services to those who currently own a product that they have manufactured. Those seeking technical support for issues related to their tablets still stand a chance to have their issues addressed by the company’s technical team. This also goes for any device that is currently on warranty since their claims will be looked into accordingly.
Over the past several years, the market with Android products has become overcrowded with very many manufacturers taking part in the production process. This has left those companies seeking out to generate profits from the massive sales of the products with a limited market share hence Dell’s decision to exit the Android market for good. Dell at the time of the decision making process was still producing some Android tablets series such as the Venue 8 7000 which was quite an impressive gadget to its users who would be surely expecting the release of another tablet in the series as an upgrade. Android in this case stands to lose out on a very reliable production partner since the products manufactured by Dell have constantly gotten favorable reviews.

In the place of the tablets, the company has sought to focus on the production of the 2-in-1 windows laptops. These laptops are convertible hence are becoming quite relevant to the current market. Dell’s exit is financially strategic since the sale of tablets is gradually declining for the second year in a row. The rise of the multifunctional laptops which are convertible is gradually being adopted by the gadget manufacturers. Any exit from the tablet market is therefore quite timely and reasonable.

Android continues to the largest market share by being the largest Operating system provider for the tablets in the production line. This is gradually set to decline with the 2-in-1 laptop production steadily growing and capturing the audience of those looking out for the device is multifunctional. The 2-in-1 laptops are powered by windows, hence Dell’s decision to quit partnering with Android. Financial gain as per the projected increase in the volume of sales stands as the major factor to back up their move. Most tablet manufacturers are alsobegunn to open up their eyes to the dawning reality and are also reconsidering their relevance in the manufacture of tablets.

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